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Colin Mowbray - writer/director

East Side Story.

East Side Story from colin mowbray on Vimeo.

Jeremy Taub / Capicu Productions presents
A Silver Rocket Film...
East Side Story

Dan is on a first date when a mysterious director appears and starts telling him how to act. But can Dan take direction?

East Side Story is a slightly surreal romantic comedy set on the streets of Alphabet City in New York. Its a tongue-in-cheek look at the art of love when everybody is being watched and everybody is a star.

Key Credits.

Starring Ian Walters, Milena Govich, Marc Lane, Scotty Schwartz.

Director of Photography - Dane Lawing
Music Manas Pandey
Editor Branden Fillmore
Online Editor Christopher Benz

Written and directed by Colin Mowbray
Produced by Jeremy Taub
© Silver Rocket Films MMV

Technical Specifications:

Running time: 10mins, Aspect Ratio: 4:3, Colour, English, No subtitles.
Shot on: Mini DV 24p
Shooting Location: East Village, New York city, New York.
Country of Production: USA/Australia
Release Date: December 2005

Screenings: London International Film Festival
Private cast and crew screenings in New York and Melbourne.