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Colin Mowbray - writer/director

Happy Little Vegemites-Unauthorised by Kraft

Happy Little Vegemites - Unauthorised by Kraft from colin mowbray on Vimeo.

Short film Written and Directed by Colin Mowbray

Short Synopsis.

A bunch of streetkids go looking for drugs. When they can’t score, desperate measures must be taken.

Long Synopsis.

Chad, a hardened streetkid and Gerard, a middle-class mummy’s boy are thrown together at a homeless refuge. Together with a gang of misfits they go in search of drugs to kill the boredom. When the quest fails, they try injecting Vegemite – a savoury breakfast spread and an Australian staple – with disastrous consequences. When Chad takes Gerard under his wing, they form an unlikely and touching friendship.

Production Company: VCA school of Film and Television.

Writer/Director: Colin Mowbray

Cast: Chad - James McKenna
Gerard - Sam Johnson
Mary - Maria Cassar
Tim - Steven Hagar

Director of Photography: Chris Benz

Production Manager: Eleanor Philpott

Editor: Colin Mowbray

Music: Radiohead, Beasts of Bourbon, Rebecca’s empire, Swirl

Length: 18 minutes. Guage: 16mm, Black and White.

Ratio: 1:1.85 Budget: $A18,000 Completed: Dec. 1995


Clermont Ferrand Festival Market, France
Cannes film festival (out of competition)
St Kilda Film Festival, Australia
Sydney Film Festival, Australia
Wellington Film Festival, New Zealand
Auckland Film Festival, New Zealand
Capitol Theatre, Melbourne Film Festival, Australia
Lyrique Theatre, Newcastle, Open City Film Festival, Australia
Victoria University, OutWest Film Festival, Australia
Melbourne University, "Watch My Shorts" Festival, Australia
Various theatres in Capital cities, Australian Film Festival (travelling)
Dublin Film Festival, Ireland
Calcutta International film festival, India
Solothurn Film Festival, Sweden
Mannheim Film Festival, Germany
ZDF European Television

AFI Best Short Film, Nomination
Best Film - SBS Movie Show Award
Best Director - Film Victoria Prize for VCA films
Best Male Performance - "Watch My Shorts" Festival
Best Narrative Film - National student film fest
Best Student Film - St Kilda Film Festival '96
Most Acclaimed Film - OutWest Film Festival
Dendy Awards, Finalist - Sydney Film Festival

Copyright VCA 1995