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Colin Mowbray - writer/director


Spazz from colin mowbray on Vimeo.

Short film Written and Directed by Colin Mowbray

Short Synopsis.

An intellectually challenged man discovers the cause of his problem is a parasite living inside his head.

Long Synopsis.

Spazz is not too bright, but ignorance is bliss. He spends his days drinking at the pub with a bunch of layabouts who revel in making Spazz the butt of all jokes. Suddenly blood starts oozing from Spazz's nose, then his eyes and his ears. His "friends" rush him to a doctor and dump him before heading back to their beers. The doctor investigates and discovers that living inside Spazz's cranium, is a massive leech! It seems the monster insect has been feeding off Spazz's nervous system for about fifteen years. The doctor lures the parasite out and a fog is lifted from Spazz's mind. He can see, hear and think more clearly. Spazz is reborn.

Production Company:Dead Head Films.

Writer/Director/Producer:Colin Mowbray

Cast:Spazz-Sam Johnson
Doctor-Clayton Jacobson
Blokes at Pub-Noah Taylor, David Michod,
Matt Saville, Gavin Brown

Director of Photography:Will Gibson

Production Manager:Clare Sawyer

Editor:Rani Challiyer

Music:Hot Pudding (Evans, Valent, Flattley, Long)

Length: 7 minutes. Guage: Mini DV, Colour, PAL.

Ratio: 4:3Budget: $A100Completed: 30th Jan. 2000

Screenings: St Kilda Film Festival 2000, SBS Television (Australia)

Copyright Dead Head Films 2000